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Gerard and Jenna

| Gerard

My name is Gerard, and I was incredibly happy to meet my wife Jenna on I am a very shy person. When I registered on the site I did not really believe in luck and that I would meet someone here (all my previous attempts did not end very well). Therefore acquaintance with Jenna and her interest in me were a real surprise. She immediately seemed to me an honest and kind person...

Sven and Alisa

| Sven

I retired three years ago. My savings gives me an opportunity to live for pleasure. In Stockholm I have a comfortable two-story house. For complete happiness I was missing only a loved one, since after the first and only (unsuccessful) marriage I led a bachelor life...

Peter and Karina

| Peter

My name is Peter. I live in Bristol, England. In my childhood I dreamed of becoming a journalist or a writer. My dream happened right after graduation from the university. I was hired at a major site dedicated to football. First I wrote and translated news, I was the editor of the news tape. But six months later I received a promotion...