Hot Ukrainian Girls

Men from all over the world can’t resist the breathtaking beauty of Ukrainian women. They are considered to be the most attractive among the women from other European and Slavic countries. It’s no wonder: hot Ukrainian girls carefully keep up their appearance and clothing, take care of their hair and skin, pay close attention to their health and figure.

What is more, the majority of Ukrainian women are well-educated, speak English, and can maintain compelling conversations. Still, the most captivating thing about Ukrainian women is that, despite the fact of putting a great deal of time and efforts to maintain their attractive appearance, they turn out to be supportive wives, caring mothers, and good housewives. Aren’t they women of a dream?

hot ukrainian girls

Ukrainian women are genuinely family-oriented, but, unfortunately, they often encounter a problem of impossibility to find a perfect match in their native country. Women who know their own worth refrain themselves from marrying Ukrainian men, as they are afraid of widely spread cases of domestic violence, alcoholism, and poverty. Hot Ukrainian girls look for a better future for themselves, and therefore, they are open to going out with the foreigners.

Cities with the most beautiful Ukrainian girls


Kyiv represents the center of Ukrainian universe. The life is indeed lived here: contemporary exhibitions and conferences, concerts and festivals with world-class stars, flourishing nightlife and hundreds of places of interest.

The capital of Ukraine attracts the most charming girls. They come here from all over the Ukrainian cities to find their way in life, pursue their career, and, of course, find a reliable lifetime partner. When strolling down the Kyiv downtown, you will feel yourself like a kid in a candy shop. You will be amazed by an extraordinarily intense concentration of gorgeous girls everywhere.

kiev hot girls

Where to stay

Kyiv offers a vast number of splendid accommodations, from budget guesthouses to luxurious hotels where you will be treated like royalty.

Boutique Hotel Vozdvyzhensky is located in the very heart of Kyiv - Andriyivsky Uzviz, a fashionable district full with art galleries, cocktail bars, museums and authentic restaurants. It’s hard to imagine a more ideal place for a romantic date, as the hotel features a panoramic rooftop terrace, green garden for relaxation and uniquely designed cozy rooms.

5-star Premier Palace Hotel is located in the center of the city - Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. This luxury paradise will help you and your companion feel like celebrities. The world-class hotel offers eight exceptional restaurants and bars with international cuisine, glass-ceiling swimming pool, spa center and spacious suites.

Podol Plaza Hotel is one of the top picks in Kyiv. This elegant and charming spot is located 5 minutes walk from Kontraktova square and represents a remarkable place to start exploring the Kyiv’s historic town with its museums, cathedrals, and theatres.

Where to date

You can relaxedly stroll along the Dnipro riverfront and enjoy the evening breeze, walk down the Adnriyivsky Uzviz and deep dive into the city’s art life, feel the spirit of freedom at the Independence square, visit the caves of the ancient monastery Lavra, make photos of Chimera House and the Golden Gates, and appreciate modern artworks in the Art Arsenal.


This city in the West of Ukraine is the capital of jazz and coffee. Unique medieval architecture, ancient cathedrals, art cafes and narrow paved streets will charm you from the very first moments.

The girls here possess this particular type of mystical, inner beauty. They are relaxed and affectionate, with that rare seductive tranquility you won’t be able to resist. You can meet hot Ukrainian girls in Lviv while they visit concerts and art exhibitions, read books in the green parks, drink coffee in the cozy cafes, and treat themselves with famous apple strudel at the Rynok square.

lvov hot girls

Where to stay

4-star Panorama Hotel is located precisely in front of the Opera Theater. This refined place features contemporary rooms, panorama terrace restaurant with live jazz in the evenings, fully equipped gym and conference hall.

Elite Hotel Leopolis will astonish you with the spirit of romanticism and bohemian life. Located in the UNESCO building, the hotel is remarkable for its luxurious interiors, Italian furniture, marble bathrooms and cigar lounge.

Cozy Lion’s Castle Hotel is placed in the close vicinity to the city center and borders with the glorious Stryysky park. The hotel’s own green garden full of birds and squirrels offers a fusion terrace restaurant, where you can relax and renew yourself after the crowded downtown.

Where to date

Enjoy the cup of renowned Lviv coffee in the Vienna Cafe, walk around the full of tourists Rynok square, get to the top of the city Town Hall, dance till dawn in the Malevich nightclub, and treat your Ukrainian girlfriend with handmade candies in Lviv Chocolate Manufacture.


This pearl of the Black Sea is well-known for its 19-century architecture, sunny beaches, and best-in-class nightlife. The locals call the city “Odessa Mama” for its “shabby” authenticity, great sense of humor of its residents and alluring city spirit.

Hot Ukrainian girls in summer come to Odessa to get suntanned at the beaches, drink cocktails at the party bars, and indulge themselves in shopping at the plentiful boutiques. Local girls are filled with life and energy, their hearty laughter and radiant smiles will definitely blow you away. Their skin is filled with the sun, and their eyes reflect the sea.

odessa hot girls

Where to stay

Nemo Resort & Spa Hotel is just 2 minutes walk from the Lanzheron beach. This place is notable for its on-site Dolphinarium, where you can experience swimming together with these incredible creatures.

La Gioconda Boutique Hotel in the style of the Tuscan villa features antique-like decorations, sea view rooms, and elegant dining hall with chandeliers.

Elegant Hotel Bristol is located in the exact center of the city, on Pushkinskaya Str. This is an ideal location to start sightseeing - the hotel is very close to Deribasovskaya Str., the Opera House, and Potemkin Stairs.

Where to date

Visit Old Odessa Corner to enjoy the old city architecture, spend an evening in the luxury restaurants at Deribasovskaya Str., get suntanned at Arcadia resort, treat yourself with the fresh seafood at the Privoz market, and reserve a table for two at Ibiza nightclub.

Top 3 sexiest women in Ukraine

No wonder that men from various countries do their best to find their life partner in Ukraine. Hot Ukrainian girls win international beauty contests, impress with their femininity and elegance, as well as captivate with soft and engaging manners. Let’s take a look at the most brilliant ones.

Nadya Dorofeeva

Nadya is a famous Ukrainian pop singer, fashion designer, and a member of a popular duo Vremya i Steklo. True and successful youtube-blogger, Nadya also participates in the popular TV project “The Voice. Children-4”. Her passionate dance with Eugene Kot at the show “Dance with Celebrities” brought her the status of the sexiest girl in Ukraine.

Nadya Dorofeeva

Olya Polyakova

Superblond Ukrainian singer and actress Olya Polyakova is famous for her fantastic headdresses. She is the host and participant of many TV shows and projects, among which are “People’s Star”, “Star + Star”, “Dance with celebrities” and many others. Her happy and successful marriage resulted in two beautiful daughters - Maria and Alisa.

Olya Polyakova

Nastya Kamenskykh

The popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskykh is acclaimed for her collaboration with the rapper Potap. In addition, she is the author of the NKblog, TV host, judge of the project “X-factor” and owner of the sports clothes brand NKsport. She associates with courage and experiments, playful manners and soulful voice.

Nastya Kamenskykh

World resorts where you can meet hot Ukrainian girls

Every day the world around us becomes closer and easier to approach. People travel more and more, and hot Ukrainian girls are no exception. They visit beaches and resorts all over the world, and when you see some incredibly beautiful woman bathing in the sea or relaxing on the beach, you can be almost sure she is from Ukraine. Let’s note some of the most desired destinations of Ukrainian girls.


Hot girls from Ukraine head to the land of legends not only to examine the corals of the unique Red Sea and retreat in the luxury hotels of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, but also to feel the ancient culture of this magic country. They come to gaze at the pyramids of Giza, take a photo pretending to kiss the Sphynx, browse the ancient antiquities in the Cairo Museum, and travel from Aswan to Luxor on the Nile River.

dating with Ukrainian girls in Egypt


Turkey ranks at the top of preferred countries to visit for hot Ukrainian girls. Its people are the friendliest in the world, the hustle and bustle of the bazaars are exciting, bathing in traditional hammams is rejuvenating and relaxing, and the ruins of the ancient empires are mesmerizing.

dating with Ukrainian girls in Turkey


Not only delicious Spanish food and splendid wines attract Ukrainian girls to book a flight to Spain. Magnificent churches and monuments, impressive Gaudi architecture, bright and crowded Barcelona, sunny beaches of the Costa de la Luz and White Towns of Andalusia make Spain a dream destination for every girl.

dating with Ukrainian girls in Spain

Sri Lanka

Those passionate for exotic countries Ukrainian girls pack their surfing boards and buy tours to mysterious Sri Lanka. They adore fruit markets with avocados, papayas, and mangos, visit National Parks to take pictures of elephants and crocodiles, travel to the middle of the country to see the tea plantations covered in the morning fog, and spend days on the beaches teaching themselves to ride the waves.


As well, those Ukrainian girls interested in Buddhism and spirituality head themselves to Thailand. Ukrainian beauties indulge themselves in the famous Thai street food, enjoy the fun of shopping in Bangkok, suntan at the beaches of Pattaya, and meditate with the great Buddha statues.