Kiev girls

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city. Almost 3 million people reside in this Ukrainian center of business, economy, arts, and science. This vibrant city uniquely combines its ancient history and traditions with liveliness and rhythm of modern life. Kiev represents the center of Ukrainian universe: countless art exhibitions, international music festivals, business conferences, and scientific congresses are held here. But what is the most stunning about Kiev is the extraordinary beauty and femininity of Kiev girls.

Kiev girls

Kiev is recognized as the city of beautiful girls

Ukrainian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. You can barely meet a man who hasn’t heard about the well-known Ukrainian beauty. While walking down the Kiev center, you will be mesmerized by Slavic faces and hourglass figures of Kiev girls. Most of them come to the capital of Ukraine from various regions of Ukraine to study in top Kiev universities, work for international companies, and look for a more decent future.

Thanks to the mixture of genes and blood during numerous invasions and wars, Ukrainian women possess this unique type of glowing natural beauty that men from all over the world cannot resist. They come here from different countries to enjoy the beauties on Kiev streets, try to get acquainted with the Kiev girls, and if lucky, get married.

hot kiev girls

Men consider Ukrainian women a real treasure, and it’s no surprise. They maintain not only an impressive appearance but also engaging manners of behavior. The idea of feminism is not so widely spread in Ukraine as in the countries of Western Europe, so Ukrainian girls cultivate heartwarming femininity rather than strength. They consistently pay tribute to traditional gender roles in Ukraine and put a man in the first place to become his dedicated supporter.

In addition, the majority of Kiev girls is properly educated and speaks conversational English. Kyiv girls attend higher education institutions, courses, trainings, and conferences, as well as visit theaters and art exhibitions. They can maintain a conversation of any kind: about literature and arts, politics and economy, spirituality and philosophy. Smart is the new sexy, and Ukrainian girls will surely charm you with their high intelligence and splendid sense of humor.

If you happen to find a Kiev girl for lasting relationships, be sure you will have a wonderful housekeeper, loving wide, equal life partner and a combat friend in the future.

5 of the most beautiful Kiev girls in Instagram

Let’s have a look at the top 5 the most attractive Kiev girls in Instagram. These top-models, actresses and TV presenters really stand out in the Instagram crowd. These girls are extremely attractive, successful, and please their followers with the photos from their everyday life.

Anna Andres

Followers – 718,724

Anna Andres

Anna is a Ukrainian top model, actress, fashion influencer and TV presenter. In 2014 she won the first prize in the beauty contest “Miss Ukraine Universe.” In her Instagram Anna highlights her life in the world of fashion, inspires to take up sports, and promotes a healthful and active living. In addition, Anna has her own blog, where she writes about her participation in famous fashion shows, provides beauty and shopping lifehacks, and gives tips on how to increase personal efficiency.

Victoria Maremukha

Followers – 360,487

Victoria Maremukha

Victoria is a Ukrainian model, actress and TV presenter. She is a super finalist in the TV contest “Ukrainian Supermodel.” Victoria participates in the morning TV show “Morning with Ukraine” and the TV show “Exclusive” on the channel “Ukraine.” As well, she played in the popular TV series “Kiev at day and at night.” Victoria calls herself an “Insta-Cinderella.”

Diana Dolmatova

Followers – 580,654

Diana Dolmatova

Diana is a popular Kiev model and fashion designer. She established her own fashion brand “MAD:CAT”. In addition, she possesses Lacy Hearts Atelier showroom. In her Instagram account Diana shares her fashion photos, advises her favorite beauty products, as well as shows pictures from her frequent trips to exotic countries. What's more, Diana posts adorable and lovely photos of her pregnancy and a newborn baby.

Tatiana Parfileva

Followers – 676,906

Tatiana Parfileva

Kiev top model Tatiana is the holder of the prestigious title “Miss Photo”, as well as the participant of the beauty contest “Miss Pantheon Finance.” She works in the fashion industry, owns a clothes boutique "Cherry Land Shop", and studies in the Economy Department of Kyiv National University by T. G. Shevchenko. Tatiana enjoys poetry and movies, literature and music, and is the active sports fan.

Santa Dimopulos

Followers – 544,932

Santa Dimopulos

Santa is an ex-participant of extremely popular pop-group “VIA ” and solo singer in the group “Queens.” In 2006 she came third in the beauty contest “Miss Ukraine Universe”, and in 2011 she became the Fitness and Bodybuilding world champion. Santa also participates in numerous shootings of the TV advertisements, and owns a prestigious boutique “Gold Vintage.”

Where to get acquainted with a girl in Kiev

The most gorgeous girls prefer to go out to the most fashionable clubs and restaurants of Kiev. If you want to encounter one of the most attractive Kiev girls, ask her for a date, and, probably, establish a lasting relationship, you should not only endlessly stroll the Kiev city center, but also check out these top 5 Kiev locations.

Buddha Bar

Location – 14, Khreschatyk Street

This lounge restaurant is located at the very heart of Kiev downtown. The moment you walk in, you’ll be enchanted by the particularly intimate atmosphere and positive energy, which comes from the Great Buddha statue. The restaurant can welcome over 350 guests and offers the most authentic pan-Asian cuisine in the city. Its remarkable interior is filled with magnificent lamps and ancient pieces of decor. The glamorous and luxurious parties with the most famous DJs are held here. Moreover, the place features the best hookah-menu in Kiev. Be sure to approach gorgeous and stunning Kiev girls here!

Gnezdo Bar

Location – 21 Andriyivsky Uzviz

Undoubtedly, this is the most atmospheric place in Kiev. This popular and fresh restaurant-club features a wooden terrace with a magnificent view of Kiev, cozy hand-made furniture, and constant art exhibitions. You can also buy any painting you like in Gnezdo Bar. The place holds live music events, movie nights and DJ parties. On top of that, it offers fantastic selection of cocktails and meals. Come here to meet the most unusual and original Kiev girls!


Location – 3 Kudryashova Street

Indigo is the heart of Kiev’s nightlife. The large entertainment complex features the restaurant with Ukrainian, Italian and Japanese cuisine, Disco Club and Karaoke Bar. At this place, you can dance till dawn at theme parties and live concerts, enjoy fashion shows and performances, and meet really interesting people. Indigo will charm you with its positive vibes, drive, and music from the very first moments. Come to the Indigo Club to meet the most sophisticated Kiev girls!


Location – 7 Borysa Grinchenko Street

Heaven is a flagship Kiev club with top DJs from all over Europe. This ultramodern place features fascinating interior and design furniture by Philippe Starck, an exceptional menu and selection of cocktails and the most extravagant parties in the city. In Heaven, you’ll be able to get acquainted with the brightest, the most fashionable and energetic Kiev girls!

The Bar

Location – 5 Velyka Vasylkivska Street

If you’ve had enough of Kiev glamour and look for an informal and democratic place – head to the Bar. This speak-easy place has a minimalistic interior with only concrete, metal, wood, and tiles. There is no food on the menu, but the selection of cocktails is more than extensive. The guests do not sit here but move from place to place in order to engage in numerous conversations. Go there to quickly and easily enter into a conversation with a Kyiv girl you like!