Refund Policy

In accordance with our Terms of Use, fees paid, Credits purchased and Credits spent are generally not refundable.

However, we may make refunds at our sole discretion. If you would like a refund, please write us at

The principles guiding our discretion are as follows:

Credits Refund

We may refund Credits spent by you back to your Credits account if:

        1. Scam: you have been scammed by a Member or by a third person on our Service.

        2. Gifts or flowers:

              a. you cancel the order before the gifts or flowers are dispatched; or

              b. the gifts or flowers are not delivered in time.

        3. Contact details request: your request for personal contact details of a Member sent through our Website has been declined by the Member.

        4. Meeting or contact information request: your request for contact information or a meeting with a Member (a girl) sent through our Website has been declined by the Member.

        5. Other: we have not provided to you the services that you paid for, in violation of our Terms of Use and the promises to you on the Website.

Note on Scam: While we are taking steps to reduce the possibility of scam on our Service, meeting new people on the Internet always carries the possibility of scam. If you have been scammed, we may decide to refund Credits spent by you while communicating with a Member involved in the scam. However, this would be your sole remedy against us.

Money Refund

If your account is permanently closed, you will be refunded the value of any unused Credits for which you have previously paid, in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Refund Procedure

If you believe that you are entitled to a refund, please contact us at Please accompany your request with the relevant information and any supporting evidence.

Should you dishonestly apply to your bank, card issuer or payment service provider for a chargeback without first following our Refund Procedure, we may be entitled to bring legal action against you to recover from you any resulting losses that we may suffer.

In case of conflict between this Refund Policy and our Terms of Use, Terms of Use will prevail.